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Indagon RTK – Indagon Oy

page title icon Indagon RTK

The Indagon RTK solution  consists of:

  • Indagon MTT 150 rover
    • RTK positioning device
    • Mobile,IoT communication
  • Indagon MTT150 base station
    • Base station for RTK assistance data
  • Indagon NTRIP server
    • Offers the best available assistance to the positioning devices
  • Indagon FLARE server
    • Interface to indaNet or customer system with accurate real-time positioning information of RTK positioning devices. Optional history information.
  • IndaNet interface and system monitoring tools. 


IndaNet is a positioning-enabled asset/device management application and together with Indagon NTRIP/Flare servers enables the user to test, manage and track MTT150, their choice of best RTK base station, connectivity, statuses, and alarms displayed on a map. Accurate position can be linked with vehicle ADAS, OBU, and third-party GIS servers.

The IndaNet app runs on the Indagon server and can be accessed via a web browser to manage and configure all assets. 

All assets selected for viewing are shown on the map with their status and location information.