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Projects – Indagon Oy

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How we excel at our projects

Customer use cases in critical IoT & position communication are our starting points. We focus on such challenges, which we solve with our long end-to-end experience and competence in customer support, system, hardware, and software level.

Our business process has been developed to meet the technical compliance of railroads, maritime, and ground transportation with full documentation and certification compliance for our products.

What we do at Indagon

We have invested in several partnership projects based on 4G/5G and GNSS research projects, such as Fintraffic-WSP/Digirail (ETCS Level 3), Nokia-VTT/LuxTurrim 5G and Nokia-VTT/Next Generation Mining, in order to develop our expertise in professional communication and IoT solutions.

This has resulted in solution with MTT150 and Vehicle Computing Unit (VCU) comprising

  • a high-performance wireless platform enabling real-time 4g/5G Cellular data connectivity and
  • reliable and accurate RTK and hybrid positioning solution