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Indagon Vehicle Computing Unit (VCU) for connectivity and positioning

Precise positioning means different things in different situations and we can make it precise in almost all situations. Connectivity is needed for positioning as well, for assistance, but more importantly shared with applications managing work flow.

In LuxTurrim5G consortium Indagon developed and showcased use cases utilizing Real Time Kinematics (RTK) precise positioning. Multichannel VCU provides highest accuracy of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) based position with support of VCU as assistance base-station.

5G connectivity helping with low latency and higher bandwidth, when required. Routing and tunneling protocols are common functionalities. However need of special configurations especially on Private Networks are more useful than in normal commercial networks. Computing capabilities with IoT Gateway features define VCU to be more than single use device  

Building the Digital Backbone for a Smart City

LuxTurrim5G ecosystem creates the digital backbone for a smart city. Our network of smart poles combines fast 5G connectivity, relevant data from a variety of sensors and a secure data platform to build new data-driven services. This will help cities to tackle the grand challenges regarding urbanization and climate change, boost sustainable development and enable their digital transformation to smart cities. LuxTurrim5G

Smart City needing smart tools

Tools are not alone smart, with correct usage and important aim guarantee smarter city, with sustainability and residents healthy environment. Clean Vehicles Wizard helping fleet owners and customers to understand emissions from usage of fleet.

Clean Vehicles Wizard is Vediafi application for sustainability goals.

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