Showcase: International audience follows testing of automated vehicles on the snow-covered intelligent road Aurora

In the Arctic Challenge research project, initiated by the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Finnish companies attempt to solve the problems of automated road traffic in winter and Nordic conditions. The field test week will be held 15–19 January 2018 on the Aurora intelligent road in Muonio.


Automated vehicles are predicted to gradually become a normal sight on public roads in the coming years and decades. The automation is expected to result in improved traffic safety, reduced emissions from road traffic and smoother flow of traffic.

“In the north, the year-round performance ability of automated vehicles highly depends on how these vehicles manage in winter conditions. The reliability of sensors and the intelligence of automated vehicles are really put to the test, especially when it comes to positioning in snowy weather and on ice-covered road surfaces”, says Project Manager Ilkka Kotilainen at the Finnish Transport Agency.

“When studying the challenges posed to automation by winter conditions, we Finns are on home ground, and in this research project we have the opportunity to present our know-how in an international context”, says Leading Specialist Anna Schirokoff at the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

Marker posts and mobile network assisting automated vehicles

During the field test period of the Arctic Challenge research project, companies will examine the positioning of automated vehicles in Northern conditions using marker posts, as well as the ability of the mobile network to send anticipatory messages warning of dangers ahead.

“During the field test, it will be examined whether wireless radio technology installed in marker posts will improve the location data of the automated vehicle. Advance warning of drivers and automated vehicles will be examined by sending warning messages in the mobile phone network, for example, regarding restricted visibility due to snow or a vehicle that has stopped on the road”, says Schirokoff.

International specialists participating in the Aurora Summit

The Arctic Challenge tests will be carried out on the Aurora intelligent road in Muonio. The intelligent road is a 10-km test section, which has been instrumented to support testing of automated transport.

The Aurora Summit will be arranged during the first Arctic Challenge test week, 16­–17 January 2018. The Summit will gather the Finnish key actors in intelligent transport systems, and their equipment, as well as over 250 specialists in autonomous transport from both Finland and abroad. Media is welcome to follow the tests and discussions.


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Arctic Challenge research project
Ilkka Kotilainen, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency, phone +358 50 311 8016

Anna Schirokoff, Leading Specialist, Trafi
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Aurora test ecosystem
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