page title icon Vehicle Computing Unit (VCU)

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Computing Unit (VCU) is a high-performance wireless platform enabling real-time 4G / 5G cellular data connectivity with local computing capabilities with additional applications. VCU serves as a primary vehicle WAN connection over Wireless.

VCU in animated action

The VCU physical interfaces enable wireless data connectivity for many use cases, applications, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. The VCU firmware is a Linux-based implementation that runs Open WRT, packaged with routing and IoT Gateway functionalities. VCU software package management, update, and upgrade can be automated with IndaNet. Designed for heavy industries, The VCU is designed for continuous operation in harsh environments, supporting an extended operating temperature range. A flexible input voltage range makes it suitable for a wide variety of environments and applications. Mechanical casing and electrical enclosure comply with IP-68/69. The possibility to process local data saves bandwidth on connectivity. IoT gateway is a service that collects data from specific IoT sensors and, e.g., video camera feed and reports data in a processed way to the cloud server. The VCU is fully compatible with Nokia’s private wireless solution.