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IoT gateway & tracking – Indagon Oy

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Location & IOT messaging solution

Indagon messaging solution with location gateway (LGW), IoT-server (CaaS Data), and user map and situational awareness interface (CaaS Map) applications is an end-to-end location and IoT (CO2 measuring with Carbonose application) messaging solution for 5G/LTE/TETRA networks.

Critical networks-based location information solutions have been in our portfolio since the beginning of the TETRA era. Coworking of GNSS-enabled terminal and LGW is crucial at TETRA due to bandwidth limitations.

Talent in critical communications and IoT in private networks

Public safety organizations are the most critical networks; typical users and situational awareness with location information are mandatory. LTE/4G/5G networks have been developing towards data sharing, with higher bandwidth and better possibilities to share location information. Thus, location information has become sensor data transferred by LGW & CaaS Data in a harmonized and secure way to use applications that provide data analytics and visualization. Indagon device VCU – acts as messaging terminals in 5G/LTE/GSM/TETRA networks

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