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R700 Router Family – Indagon Oy

page title icon R700 Router Family

R700-M100 – Entry-level industrial router with 4G modem, with additional housing, can serve as an outdoor router
R700-5500 – Indoor 5G router
R700-5700 – Outdoor 5G router with an integrated directional antenna


This advanced industrial 4G/LTE router is a high-performance fixed wireless platform enabling real-time 4G Cellular data connectivity for using existing serial devices and Ethernet networks. The R700-M100 provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative solution for business continuity. The platform can serve as the primary connection or backup connection when wired connections fail, are unavailable, or nonexistent. High Availability and Network Resilience R700-M100 features two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and an RS-232 Serial interface enabling wireless data connectivity for a broad range of applications and vertical machine-to-machine (M2M) market segments. Intelligent software supports configurable LAN/WAN options and enterprise-level functionality such as SPI firewall, Quality of Service (QoS), auto-failover for unparalleled uptime, and network redundancy. The ultra-compact, lightweight, and low-profile design router incorporate highly flexible mounting options to ensure that the device can be easily mounted discretely anywhere to enable simple, reliable, and efficient integration.


The R700– 5500 supports 5G NR(sub-6G), the latest generation standard of Wireless Wide Area Networks. R700– 5500 embedded with a 5G NR module is backward compatible with 4G. The router provides Gigabit Ethernet WAN interfaces, with an integrated 802.11n/ac dual-band wireless access point 4-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN, enables high-speed and secured Internet connectivity for home, SOHO, and enterprise users. 5G NR Mobility With the newest 5G NR network connectivity, users can enjoy an unprecedented Internet accessing experience. Automatic Failover/Failback between 5G NR and Gigabit EWAN Uniquely embedded with 5G NR and Gigabit Ethernet WAN interfaces, R700– 5500 ensures Internet connectivity by featuring superior Failover/Failback functionality between 5G NR and GbE WAN. Either a wired or wireless connection can be set up as a primary or backup WAN port. When the main WAN interface fails, the secondary WAN interface will automatically back up the connection to ensure always-on connectivity.

The R700– 5500 has both integrated Wi-Fi 802.11n/ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band wireless AP, and the combined throughput can reach up to 2.3 Gbps data rate (1733 Mbps at the 5 GHz band and 600 Mbps at the 2.4 GHz band). Multiple SSIDs with Client Isolation enhance the level of transmission security and access control over the Wireless LAN. The network manager can assign different SSID policies and functions, increasing the network infrastructure’s flexibility and efficiency.


The R700-5700 integrates the newest 5G NR(sub-6G) module and high-performance dual-polarized MIMO antenna, making it the fastest commercially available outdoor router. R700-5700 is a high-performance, robust connectivity, and reliable platform, the ideal solution for Fixed Wireless Access, last-mile access, residences, urban areas, and the underserved.

R700-5700 with 5G NR network connectivity, users can enjoy an unprecedented Internet accessing experience. Supports VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols for business users to establish private encrypted tunnels over the public Internet to secure data transmission between offices.

R700-5700 supports CWMP(TR-069) and IndaNet, and it is easier to control and manage R700-5700 installed outdoors remotely. It is enabling users to minimize deployment, lower supporting service expenses, and maximize operational efficiency.

R700-5700 is an industrial-grade design with an IP67-rated enclosure to withstand extreme weather conditions. They passed Wind Tunnel Tested, successful operation up to 132mph. The built-in ±6K surge(K.21) and ±15KV ESD(EN 61000-4-5) protection design protects against storm/lightning surges and extends the operating temperature range. To ensure that the R00-5700 will run reliably in the rugged environment. Easy Installation is realized with integrated IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, eliminating the need for separate power and data cables.