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Communication – Indagon Oy

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Communication hardware

Indagon offers flexible router solutions for industrial connectivity. Solutions ensure efficient and reliable communication between systems and end-users. Indagon routers also convey IoT messaging.

Communication software

Indagon has developed a versatile IoT router software platform that is based on OpenWRT. IndaNet has been developed as a device management application to support our routers and software. IndaNet provides router device management, release management, log collection, location information, and TR69 interface.

Use case: Nokia LuxTurrim-5G smart city solution

Indagon is testing location and communication technology for smart city transport services in the LuxTurrim-5G project led by Nokia Bell Labs. We have a global agreement with Nokia to supply data transmission equipment and IoT projects to develop 4G / 5G-based solutions. We won the Nokia partnership in the international competition for a vehicle communication unit. The growth of Indagon’s business rides on Nokia’s success in 4G / 5G networks and intelligent traffic development.

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