page title icon Advanced Positioning Unit (APU)

Choose APU when real-time positioning is required for continuous, reliable, and accurate positioning of locomotives. With position information, rail operators’ customer service can be improved, productivity can be increased, costs can be saved, and traffic safety improved. APU positioning and communication unit is starting point for a practical and well-functioning train positioning system. APU incorporates accurate positioning modules, an integrated communications terminal, an internal CPU, and several inputs. Dead Reckoning (DR) unit gives more reliable and accurate position information in challenging situations. DR adds support for tracking in tunnels and other blind spots of the GNSS service area. APU has been designed to stand the extreme conditions of locomotives as specified in the railroad standards and directives. The robust structure shields the unit and gives a long product life. Easy installability and product variations enable the use of APU units in various train and locomotive models. APU 130 units are supplied with customer-specific configuration. Installation to a 19″ rack is easy and fast. Positioning information is transmitted to Indagon Positioning Gateway from where any application can access it through a standard XML interface.