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Location & IOT messaging solution

Indagon messaging solution with location gateway (LGW), IoT-server (CaaS Data), and user map and situational awareness interface (CaaS Map) applications is an end-to-end location and IoT (CO2 measuring with Carbonose application) messaging solution for 5G/LTE/TETRA networks.

Critical networks-based location information solutions have been in our portfolio since the beginning of the TETRA era. Coworking of GNSS enabled terminal and LGW is crucial at TETRA due to bandwidth limitations.

Talent in critical communications and IoT in private networks

Public safety organizations are the most critical networks; typical users and situational awareness with location information are mandatory. LTE/4G/5G networks have been developing towards data sharing, with higher bandwidth and better possibilities to share location information. Thus, location information has become sensor data transferred by LGW & CaaS Data in a harmonized and secure way to use applications that provide data analytics and visualization. Indagon device VCU – act as messaging terminals in 5G/LTE/GSM/TETRA networks

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